Laminate Flooring

Long-lasting & remarkably realistic

Laminate Flooring in Fuquay-Varina, NC

Durable and versatile, laminate flooring is an affordable way to mix practicality and style into your interior design. At Kimi’s Carpets Plus, we offer a wide variety of fashionable laminate that is easy on the eyes and wallet.

The Layers of Laminate

Layers of laminate | Kimi's Carpet Plus, INC
  1. On the bottom, a backing layer for balance and sealing away of moisture. This layer can be a built-in underlayment substitute.
  2. Next, the bulk of laminate is a core layer made of high-density material that gives the tile or plank its strength and stability.
  3. Third from the bottom is a decorative, high-quality photographic design layer. This can be a print of any flooring material, including hardwood, stone or ceramic tile.
  4. Finally, the top wear layer protects the printed layer from wear, scratching, UV damage and staining.

Laminate Styles

Our featured laminate floors are available in a variety of styles and colors, all of which will add character and charm to your home or business.

  • Rustic Woods | Kimi's Carpet Plus

    Hand Scraped Laminate

    The textured look is brought to the surface using precise techniques and specified patterns that mimic the look of real hardwood planks. The etchings made from every precision provide a realistic touch and feel that are indistinguishable to its counterpart's natural materials.

  • Custom Looks | Kimi's Carpet Plus

    Speciality Wood Look

    Laminate flooring made to resemble the look of exotic wood species found around the world. This look provides an alternative option to any size budget while giving your room the true craftsmanship and style of real hardwood floors.

  • Traditional Woods | Kimi's Carpet Plus

    Traditional Wood

    Laminate flooring is brought to life with the traditional wood look. Traditionally designed laminate flooring provides the classic style of hardwood floors with the ease of care and maintenance that both home and business owners have come to expect.

  • Stone Looks | Kimi's Carpet Plus

    Natural Stone & Tile Look

    Tile is brought to life through laminate flooring. Made to resemble the natural materials of real stone, these floors stand up to an active lifestyle. Photographic images on the outer layer create a realistic tile look that holds up to heavy traffic underfoot.

mannington laminate flooring in fuquay varina nc

Why Choose Laminate?

Whether for residential or commercial renovation projects, laminate is an increasingly popular and dependable flooring choice because of its versatility and durability. Laminate is made from different layers of wood-based materials that are designed to perfectly mimic ceramic tile or natural hardwood. While it resembles a ceramic tile or wood plank, laminate is more vinyl than its natural counterparts. So, why not enjoy the look of high-end flooring at a fraction of the cost? It’s also easy to install, stands up well to wear and tear, and comes in a wide range of design styles and colors. Visit Kimi’s Carpets Plus for affordable, high-quality laminate flooring.

Features & Benefits of Laminate Flooring

The ever-vinyl laminate is as strong as it is good-looking. It has many benefits that make it a perfect flooring choice for residential or commercial use. Laminate’s tough external layer and resin coating act as extra protection against scratches, wear and tear, moisture and impact, including high heels. It’s even resistant to fading from the sun. With such durability, laminate is good competition to hardwood, vinyl or carpet.

When it comes to design, laminate is an attractive option. It comes in many different shades and finishes that flawlessly replicate the look and feel of authentic hardwood or tile. It’s easy to clean and keep clean. With such low maintenance, laminate is a cost-effective and hassle-free flooring solution. Not to mention that laminate installation is easy, as it snaps together. Overall, laminate is more affordable than its hard-surface counterparts. So, enjoy the look, feel and function of laminate while knowing it’s a great, high-performance floor.