Flooring Services

At Kimi's Carpets Plus, customer service is our specialty.

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Floor Cleaning Supplies

Trusted professionals with 50 years of experience.

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With our financial assistance, your dream floor is now within reach, subject to approved credit. Contact us for details!

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Carpet Binding

Turn your favorite carpet style into a stunning custom area rug. 

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Carpet Binding

Nothing completes a room quite like a stunning custom area rug. No matter your current or future flooring, a custom area rug makes a unique accent piece in any home or commercial space. Our professional carpet-binding services can help you turn any carpet remnant or transform your favorite carpet style into a lovely custom rug that enhance your space with style and warmth.


Carpet Re-Stretching

Carpeting tends to loosen after a few years of continuous use, and you may begin to notice ripples when it does. At Kimi's Carpets Plus, we can re-stretch your carpet so that it lays tightly once again! You'll be amazed at the difference!

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Carpet Repairs

At Kimi’s Carpets Plus, we know that a busy household is a happy one. No matter how much foot traffic or wear and tear your carpets have been exposed to, our carpet experts can help restore their natural beauty. That’s right, you don’t have to live with or even replace rippled, wrinkled, torn or lumpy carpet. Our experienced technicians can affordably repair or re-stretch your beloved carpet.